The Rules Of Love

Kiss on the lips = i love you
Kiss on the ear = you are special
Kiss on the neck = i want you
Kiss on the nose = laughter
Kiss on the cheek = friendship
Kiss on the forehead = i comfort you
Kiss on the shoulder = you are wonderful
Kiss anywhere else = be careful
Play around with hair = can't live without you
Holding hand = happiness
Arms around waist = you are mine / i need you
A hug = i care
Nibble on ear = start warming
Smiling at eachother = i like you
Lifting up eyebrows / wink = flirtation
Looking around = heading true feelings
Tende kiss on the side of your lips = you're mine
Wetting your lips = waiting for a kiss
Tear drop = i'm losing you
Crying = i'm lost you

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mira ellyna berkata...

alolololo.. xsemua leh caye.. but thx for sharing hehehe

ciKgu GoguMa berkata...

byk nye rules die...takut ble bce nye..hihi